About Us
That’s why The Buckner Company’s Trucking and Transportation Department focuses exclusively on the insurance needs of trucking and transportation companies. We provide our clients with dedicated and knowledgeable insurance specialists.  We have access to the most reputable and best-rated insurance companies in the trucking industry.
We’re not just another insurance agency.  We partner with our clients. We design insurance program specifically to fit our clients’ goals for the future.  So, whether our client has a fleet of 1,000 units or he or she is running a business with only a truck or two, we  help them feel secure in knowing their insurance agency is not only working for them, but with them.
The Buckner Company has been serving the insurance needs of businesses for more than 75 years with a dedication to honesty and integrity. We take pride in offering our clients the options and expertise they need—it’s not just insurance . . . it’s smart business.